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Welcome to Puffle Pets! Puffle Pets is based off of Club Penguin's puffles! Puffle Pets is a partner of Allisonl Club. Puffle Pets is a site where you can adopt your virtual pet Puffle or Scarlet Puffle! We are planning on adding cool new features like Scarlet Puffles and Puffle breeding! I hope you enjoy! Also, we encourage you to use your Club Penguin penguin name, but if you don't have one use your Allisonl Club member name, if you don't have either one, you can make up a name. More About How to Play: Puffle Pets is a virtual pet sim where you can adopt a Puffle or Scarlet Puffle, name them, and breed them! First, stop by the Puffle Kennel to pick up a furry puffle of your own! We will be adding new puffles all the time, so be sure to log on frequently! You can train your puffle by "clicking it" daily. Just view your puffle's profile daily to help it gain experience! We are planning on adding some great new features, you can suggest things on the forums! If you have any questions, just post it on the forums or contact me, Allisonl! Have fun! Hop on! ~Allisonl


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